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9700+ iHerb Reviews, Complaints and Scams

Is iHerb a scam? See 9700+ iHerb reviews and complaints from the Better Business Bureau, Epinions, and others. The truth is, there’s a 99+% chance your order will probably arrive with no problems.

1. iHerb Voted #1 Online, Vitamin Retailer

Vitamin customers voted iHerb the #1 Online Retailer in the ConsumerLab Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users for the last 7 years in a row: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

2. iHerb Customer Service Rated 4.8 Stars

Google combines 9700+ iHerb reviews by customers from 7 websites that rate iHerb 4.8/5.0 stars. See also: Sitejabber and Reseller Ratings.

3. iHerb Accredited by The Better Business Bureau

Compared to the thousands of orders iHerb ships every day, the number of complaints against them is insignificant. The BBB says about iHerb, “A BBB Accredited business since 11/13/1997. BBB has determined that this business meets BBB accreditation standards”

4. 500,000 iHerb Reviews

Scam websites usually have only a handful of reviews. They’re all written in the same style of voice. And they’re all positive, no complaints.

But iHerb has over 500,000 customer reviews of their products. Yes you can find some complaints (just like Amazon). And no, iHerb reviews don’t all sound alike. It’s not easy to fake 500,000 reviews all written in different styles.

5. Physical Address

One of the signs of a scam is no physical address. But iHerb Inc. is located in East Los Angeles at 17825 Indian Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92551 (USA). You can see their 360,000 sq. ft. warehouse in the video above.

6. 14 Years in Business

Most scams are usually new in business (and then close after they’re exposed). But iHerb has been in business for 14 years, since 1997.

Scams Don’t Have Warehouses
With 100,000+ Products

7. 35,000+ Webpages

Scam websites usually have only a few webpages. But iHerb has over 35,000 pages, one for each of their products. If they wanted to start a scam, there are quicker and easier ways to do it.

8. 1400+ Brands

iHerb is an authorized reseller for over 1400 natural health brands including Garden of Life, New Chapter, NOW Foods, etc. If iHerb is a scam, these brands would have ended their relationship with iHerb long ago.

No iHerb is not a scam. But they do make mistakes once in a while. That’s why you can find some negative, iHerb reviews and complaints.

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45 comments en “9700+ iHerb Reviews, Complaints and Scams”

  1. Tony Sadar says:

    very good products,and top service,.thank you.
    tony Sadar.

  2. CmWong says:

    My order since 23 Feb 2012 with order no. 8488348-0 or chinaLINK track able no. Ca100801886 was neither received nor trackball nor having any timely responsible response after 2 months of waiting!

  3. admin says:

    Hi CmWong,

    I’m sorry to hear about your shipping problem. Have you contacted iHerb and ChinaLink to solve the problem?


  4. lisofby says:

    I really like iherb, i’ve spent a lot of money with them, last night i ordered $450 worth. but as i told my husband, it included make up, cleaning products as well as medicines/ food, so not as expensive as it may sound. i have had only two problems with iher, one was when a tube of progesterone burst open, but it was in a bag so caused no damage, and i was able to keep it free of charge. the second problem, was one time i modified a small order a couple times, and ended up getting billed for three orders, including postage, and i never got a response in time to save me paying the triple postage, and avoiding the surplus goods. i had to give those away. otherwise, i have loved iherb. sometimes they even do free postage! if only they would email us of that notice.

  5. NEV744 says:

    I have been very satisfied with They have quality products and prices are affordable. Also they have nice coupon system and you can get 5$ off from your first purchase when you use coupon code NEV744

  6. Lisa Saville says:

    Im very disappointed with the lack of service I received from iHerb. I ordered vitamins with iHerb for the first time 3 months ago on 30 June 2012. I have not receved anything. I have emailed iHerb 4 times now, and have not been offered any solution. They received my $70, I received nothing in return. I’m at a loss as to how to progress this further. Appalling service.

  7. admin says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive your order yet. I’ll try to help you resolve this. Can you tell me what country you’re in, and which shipping option you chose?


  8. Maude Stephens says:

    I have bought 2 boxes from you guys…. all I can say is .. fast delivery!!Only four dollars..arrived in six days! fantastic products..The prices are amazing.. I was so sick and couldn’t afford my herbs and vitamins .. my kids have benefited too.. Its too good to be true? No.. it is true.. we are being absolutely ripped off in New Zealand.. the stupid prices.. IL never buy from these shops again .. iHerb is the bomb!!!!

  9. BIM072 says:

    I have ordered from iHerb numerous times. I have bought everything from vitamins and minerals to nuts and shampoos from that store. Every order has arrived fast and well-packaged. I warmly recommend to try it out!

    Using coupon code BIM072 you get $5 OFF on your first order. Thanks if you use :)

  10. hsherman says:

    Lol – you are all obviously trying to get discounts from iHerb by getting others to buy using your ‘discount code’, which gives you your own discounts! There wouldn’t be an honest review here anywhere. I don’t see ANY positive reviews ANYWHERE but here – where you all post your savings code in hopes of catching new suckers! This is a horrible “business” and you should all be ashamed

  11. Wendy says:

    I’ve used iHerb on several occasions, and I have never used a coupon so I have no reason to lie, but I have found delivery to be prompt always and the service very good, not to mention the prices are the cheapest on the internet.

  12. Vanessa says:

    Hi Greg

    I ordered over 40US worth of items from iHerb last week Sunday, 9 days later I have not received anything via Global Mail by DHL. I sent an email to iHerb yesterday and have received no reply to date, I am in Switzerland. This is my first time shopping with iHerb and I was so looking forward to receiving my order. Please advise if I need to contact my credit card company and recoperate my money

  13. admin says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Since this is your first order, I can understand why you’re wondering if your package will arrive. At iHerb, I added a product to the cart, selected Switzerland, and clicked “Calculate.” Here is what it says for CH…

    “The average delivery time is 7 business days.”

    The key word there is AVERAGE. Airmail delivery times can vary. I think iHerb ignores a lot of premature questions about Airmail deliveries because they know the problem will resolve itself in just a few days.

    So please be patient a little while longer. (My wife and I have received ~150 Airmail packages and never lost one!) If after a week, you still don’t have your package, please contact iHerb by chat.

  14. Bob says:

    “I don’t see ANY positive reviews ANYWHERE but here – where you all post your savings code in hopes of catching new suckers! This is a horrible “business” and you should all be ashamed”

    Couldn’t disagree more. Try living abroad like I do. It’s hard to come by sports supplements at a reasonable price. And the shipping some stores ask, it’s almost criminal. You wouldn’t know how many times I’ve been disappointed with the quality of the products I’ve received after having dropped 35$ on shipping (e.g. creatine that doesn’t dissolve and tastes like sand). I started ordering from iHerb because their prices were equal or less to that of other online stores, their selection is huge, the website is easy to use, and (what sold me) they offer free (or almost free shipping) depending on the amount you order (I paid 4$ for shipping my order by DHL the other day because I ordered less than 40$s worth of product…that’s international shipping, for 4 bucks!). What’s more, I found that two of their cheapest brands (Now Sports and Jarrow Formulas) make products that are far superior to what I used to order. Now, how is that a bad business?

    My referral code is KOL914. Use it if you like. Same discounts/shipping costs/bonuses as any other discount codes to you.

  15. Ricky says:

    I have used iHerb several times and I would vouch for them. Their products are great and their prices are unbeatable! I don’t understand those who claim that they did not receive the products. When buying from them, you have shipping options to select. Why don’t select the one with tracking and stop complaining? Jeeezz…

    Anyway, for the new users. Try them and you will save lots of money especially if you live in Europe where vitamins and supplements are super expensive comparing to iHerb.

    You can save even more when using my affiliate code: NBN789

    *$10 OFF Your First Order of $40 or more; or $5 off of less than $40.
    *Free shipping on orders more than $20, or International Orders Shipping for $4-6.
    *Code valid for first-time customers only. No Expiry. FREE Samples with every order!

  16. Carol says:

    I have been using iHerb for over a year & have never had a problem with them.
    All the products have been well packaged & free samples are included.
    The prices are excellent & you can save up to $10 off your first order using coupon code QEB609

  17. Tim says:

    iHerb is great, I’ve placed over 20 orders and everything arrived in few days. They also ship FAST. BTW, you csn use the coupon IDA759 for a $10 discount.

  18. laura says:

    I order from iherb just 2 brushes of real tecniques to be
    delivered to mexico i choosed DHL the only delivery methot to mexico, and its been a month and i havent redcived a thing. They gave a traking number and it doent work

  19. admin says:

    Hi Laura,

    I’m sorry your package hasn’t arrived yet. You chose DHL Global Priority Mail which does not have a tracking number. (The number you saw is your order number, not a tracking number.) Shipments usually arrive in Mexico in ~8 days, so yours is ~22 days late.

    DHL delivers to your post office. So call you post office to see if they have the package. If they don’t, please contact iHerb by live chat with the green button near the top right of this page:


  20. DR says:

    Thailand customers beware!!! 180 degrees turn around!!!
    I have been ordering with iHerb for over a year on a regular basis and have been very satisfied with both their products and service. I live in Japan and go to Thailand on vacation. On my recent trip I placed an order and got it shipped to Thailand. Originally having chosen DHL as the shipping company, iHerb went upon itself to change it to UPS. Once it arrived they mentioned the total duties and customs charges which turned out to be near double of the original value of the shipment. So I decided to refuse the shipment and have it returned to iHerb for a refund minus return shipping fees and re-stocking fee as originaly discussed with the iHerb customer service rep. One month later I hadn’t heard from either UPS or iHerb to find out iHerb decided to abandon the shipment claiming the return shipping fees exeded the value of the original order. Now what does that have to do with the fact that I paid for the shipment and iHerb being a huge company should be able to cover a return shipping fee especially as they regularly use UPS and DHL on a regular basis!!! Very surprised at this outcome … Thailand customers should ONLY use Global Priority Mail by DHL.
    Recent message on iHerb site is;
    Please Note: Due to Thailand customs currently preventing importing of our products we have currently suspended shipping orders to Thailand with DHL Express or UPS International. We are currently working with customs to determine what we can do to get our packages to be allowed entry into your country. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

    Information specific to our customers from Thailand:

    November 2012 – Global Priority Mail by DHL (formerly called International Airmail) – Average Delivery for Thailand is 12 Days.

    Feedback from Current iHerb Thailand Customers

    Orders may be subject to additional customs charges if ordered via Postal Service, but will definitely be charged around 30% if ordered via DHL (based on 1/3 comments)

  21. admin says:


    Thank you for the shipping update. We also live in Asia. And we learned the hard way to never choose DHL Express International or UPS International since they often charge huge customs AND processing fees. So we use Airmail (Global Priority Mail by DHL) which DHL delvers to our post office. And the post office charges us only $0.90 (USD).


  22. jessica says:

    this is OBVIOUSLY a SCAM a very intricate one, but a scam for sure. all reviews are spam. This company should be shut down.. and I doubt this person commenting name is “Greg”. Also notice the positive reviews coincidentally include a coupon code.

  23. Mentor Palokaj (Vitamins Order) says:

    @Jessica, iherb is a legitimate service. I’ve used it a lot (from the Netherlands).

    The thing with the referral codes is that there is a lot of people out there who mistake spamming for advertising.

    The fact is that every customer gets a code like that so they can let friends and family order through them. But some people apparently prefer spamming it over the internet rather than using it constructively…

  24. someone says:

    My order has shipped 14 days ago, I live in Belgium and the average delivery time for my country is 6 days
    should I be worried?

  25. admin says:


    That depends. Which shipping method did you choose: UPS, DHL, or Global Mail?


  26. someone says:

    global mail

  27. admin says:


    Looks like you got the 6 days average from here: Last Updated: August, 2012.
    But when I added a product to the cart, and selected Belgium, it said, “November 2012 – Global Priority Mail by DHL (formerly called International Airmail) – Average Delivery for Belgium is 10 Days.

    So the November estimate is more recent than the April estimate. That said, your package is still later than the usual 10 days. But Global Mail delivery times can vary by a week or more. So please be patient until next week. If your package doesn’t arrive by then, contact iHerb about the problem.


  28. someone says:

    ok thanks!

  29. Jennifer says:

    my parcel is not coming. it’s been 3 weeks
    global mail by DHL. I’m moving next week, and if i don’t receive my parcel, i’m screwed. plus if it’s lost by any chance, i lose my money.

    WHO SAID average canada is 7 days?
    All people around me received their packages WELL AFTER A MONTH THEY ORDERED IT IHERB SHOULD CHANGE THE AVERAGE DATE

    iherb is telling me to call DHL, dhl is telling me to call iherb if i want to know where my parcel is because i don’t have tracking number.


  30. admin says:


    I’m sorry to hear about your shipping problem. Unfortunately, iHerb, DHL, Customs, and your Post Office lose a few packages once in awhile. Hopefully they didn’t lose yours. It’s not unusual for DHL Global Mail to take longer than 3 weeks. (Might be held up at your Customs office.)

    So please wait patiently another week. If you’re moving locally, you can still pick up your package at your local post office. If you’re moving to another city, go to your local P.O. and fill-out a change of address card, or ask them to allow a relative or friend to sign for your package, then forward it to you. Hope that helps.


  31. admin says:

    For the record, my wife and I are quite experienced with iHerb’s international shipping. We have received ~200 packages over the years. A few of those were DHL and UPS. But they ripped us off with huge customs processing fees. So we use their shipping only for emergency health problems.

    For 99% of our orders, we chose Airmail (DHL Global Mail). Since DHL delivers to the local post office, the P.O. calculates the customs fee instead of DHL. And they charge us only ~$1.25/package. (For one package, DHL charged big customs fees which our P.O. collected. When I complained to iHerb, they said that happens sometimes. I concluded that if it happens for only 1/200 packages, then I can live with that.)

    Our batting average for delivery via DHL Global Mail is 100%. IOW, we have received 200/200 packages with none lost or stolen. A few were mildly damaged but we could still use the products.

    We average ~3 weeks delivery time, and 2-4 weeks is not uncommon. One year during Christmas season we had to wait 6 weeks. Remember your delivery time can be affected by 4 businesses:

    1. iHerb
    2. DHL
    3. Customs
    4. Post Office

    So the moral of the story is WAIT patiently for DHL Global Mail since delivery times vary.


  32. Jojo says:

    Just got my 1st order from iHerb. Amazing products and fast delivery! I’ll definitiely reorder again, thanks to this website.

  33. anotherkiwi says:

    Your glowing recommendation of is not borne out by overseas customers’ ratings elsewhere on the Internet. I live in New Zealand and took at face value iHerb’s website claims to provide fast and reliable service. I used their recommended shipping method, DHL Global Priority Mail. My first order, in July, arrived promptly and safely. I repeated the order at the end of August and that second order has not arrived. I had to send four emails to iHerb before they replied.They suggested the delay was due to “International Shipping, Local Customs Regulations or your Local Delivery Provider.”

    As a retired journalist I have the time and some idea how to research this. The NZ Customs hold comprehensive records of packages sent to New Zealand residents which are being held for inspection or have been returned to sender or destroyed. My contact told me that under my name and address, there is no record of a package from falling into this category. The local delivery provider (New Zealand Post/DHL Courier Post) also have no record of receiving the package and referred me to DHL Global Mail headquarters in Frankfurt.

    I quoted the DHL GM number supplied by on my Order History. DHL Global reported: “We find only the DHL World track system following package status and can tell you that the packet was not sent from the USA since 30.08.2013.”

    I passed on this info to Customer Service at iHerb and they have repeated their previous response, adding: “We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we appreciate your patience.”

    Well, frankly I need the product and my patience has run out. I’d advise international customers to be very wary of this company. They appear to have little idea about how to conduct an online or mail order business. They say there is no way to trace a package once it has left the US, but in this day and age that is not true. My first package arrived with no less than four bar codes attached at various stages of its journey. All these will have left a footprint, even if it is not readily accessible to the general consumer. In this case, I have DHL’s report that the package never left the US.

  34. anotherkiwi says:

    My message sent yesterday is still tagged “Your comment is hold to moderation.” Like another commenter, I suspect this site might be a front for iHerb. On other review sites iHerb has nothing like the glowing recommendation of a “99%+ chance your order will arrive with no problems.” A rating of something like 4+ out of 10 is not unusual, and my own experience, carefully reported yesterday for the help of other potential victims, bears this out.

  35. admin says:


    I’m sorry to hear about your lost package. Our family also thought we lost some packages. But they arrived later than expected.

    No, ComparingVitamins is not owned or controlled by iHerb. We are just happy customers who share our coupon code with prospective customers. (You also have a coupon code that you could share to earn free products.)

    FYI, our family is an international customer who has received 200+ DHL Global Priority Mail packages and never lost one! Of those 200 packages, 3 were delayed: One took 6 weeks during Christmas, one took 8 weeks because it was damaged, and the 3rd one we’re waiting patiently for now is probably damaged because it contains 2 bags of sea salt that could easily break open.

    The best way to reach iHerb is by live chat, not email.

    Here are 452 more “fake” reviews which rank iHerb 4.5 stars: And here are 243,000 “fake” Likes on Facebook: Now do you understand why I think your experience is part of the 1% instead of 99%?

    Please wait patiently a little longer. Hopefully you’ll find out your worry was unnecessary.


  36. anotherkiwi says:

    Greg, Thank you for your response which I’m sure you intend to be encouraging. You say “The best way to reach iHerb is by live chat, not email.” I live in New Zealand in a different time zone and cannot afford “live chat.” If iHerb want to live up to their website claims (namely “our friendly and helpful Customer Service staff is here to help you find your items or check on your orders via phone, email or live chat”) there should be no difference between live chat and email. It is now more than six weeks since I placed my order. DHL Global have told me the package never left the USA. So what is the point to your suggestion “Please wait patiently a little longer”? As for the “fake” reviews, yes, they mostly are, complete with their coupon codes! One independent review site gives this company a rating of 4.19 out of 10. They don’t address any problems raised by their international victims: when they finally deign to reply they repeat over and over the same excuses, blaming international shipping, local Customs regulations, and local delivery provider. I am no fool and have checked out all three. The most telling evidence came from DHL Global headquarters, which I have again repeated above. The iHerb company needs to take some action other than just ignoring the problem and blaming others.

  37. admin says:


    I live in Asia. So I contact iHerb by live chat early AM or late PM my time.

    Also I may be able to track your shipment especially if the “tracking #” starts with GM. If you’d like me to try, please post your # here.

  38. Kokas says:

    The best site to buy supplements on the internet! The prices are great, they ship FAST and they have a very range of products available (BTW, you can use the coupon IDA759 for a $10 discount). Absolutely love it!

  39. admin says:

    If you want to track whether DHL Global Mail picked-up your package from iHerb, you may be able to do it here: However, it can’t track whether DHL delivered it to your post office.

  40. IHC says:

    I do my healthy supplement shopping from iHerb all the time and i warmly recommend iHerb to everyone. It is worth of money.

  41. Kiddie says:

    O I forgot to mention. I ordered from the us. It didn’t take long at all,and was easy cheaper than in stores. I never had a discount code. The products were better than the more expensive ones.

  42. JANXAN says:

    I’ve been using iherb for several years. Their prices are much better than my local health food stores. Enter XAN252 at checkout and receive up to $10 off your first order. Free shipping is also available.

  43. KJ says:

    Use code KIM582 at to receive $10 off any order of $40 or more, or $5 off any order less than $40. PLUS: FREE SHIPPING on any order over $20! (Offer good for new customers only.)

  44. Clara says:

    I need Nutricology Organic Germanium 50 Veggie Caps.
    Will there be a restock? If there is, when will there be a restock?

  45. Greg says:

    Hi Clara,

    I’m sorry, but it looks like Organic Germanium from Nutricology, Allergy Research, and Jarrow were all discontinued. Must be a legal problem.

    If you tell me why you needed it, I may be able to recommend another product.


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