“The iHerb Rewards, Health Affiliate Program”

If You Can Share a $5 iHerb Rewards Coupon in Your Website, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc…

Receive Lifetime, Reorder Commissions From the #1 Health Affiliate Program
While Helping Your Readers Save on 1400 Discount, Natural Health Brands

    • Trust your readers to iHerb voted #1 web vitamin store, and service rated 4.8.
    • Earn commissions on 1400 natural health brands with 35,000 products.
    • Earn from visitors in 82 countries with the lowest intl. shipping rate $4.
    • Grow a passive income of lifetime commissions from a high reorder rate.
    • See why 20.6% of my visitors clickthrough to iHerb, and iHerb converts 20.4%.

Can You Trust iHerb?
Voted #1 Web Vitamin Store, Service Rated 4.8

Your readers will get world-class, customer service at iHerb. ConsumerLab.com customer surveys ranked iHerb the “#1 Online Supplement Retailer” for the last 7 years, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. And 9700+ customer reviews at Google Trusted Stores rate iHerb’s service 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Do Your Readers Buy any of These Natural Health Products?

    • Vitamins and Supplements
    • Natural and Organic Foods
    • Natural, Organic Beauty Products
    • Sports, Bodybuilding Supplements
    • Children’s Health Products
    • Diet-Weight Loss Products
    • Pet Health Products
    • Green Products
    • And more…

Simply offer your $5 iHerb coupon code to your readers via your website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, etc. And iHerb will pay you for their first order and all reorders.

How much can you earn?

iHerb Affiliate Program Top 10 Earners

$/May 2014
1) $15,952.02
2) $15,165.93
3) $13,938.03
4) $13,212.07
5) $12,747.53
6) $12,204.80
7) $5,873.21
8) $5,256.23
9) $9,890.44
10) $9,321.16
$/Year 2013
1) $199,205.23
2) $176,130.17
3) $126,376.43
4) $115,573.11
5) $112,396.92
6) $99,024.46
7) $97,819.61
8) $95,996.71
9) $92,880.68
10) $91,748.53

Below you can see my commissions from an 8 hour period 6/30/13. Notice the high international order rate from many countries. And notice the high reorder rate of non-first time customers.

iHerb Rewards, Health Affiliate Program

Health Content Websites’ Top 4 FAQ’s
About iHerb Health Affiliate Program

Do you own a health article content website? If so, your reputation and relationship with your readers depends on your unbiased reporting. Your readers return to your site because they trust you. And you must maintain their trust at all costs.

Here are 4 questions you may be wondering about the iHerb Health Affiliate Program…

1. Will my readers consider iHerb Health Affiliate Program a conflict of interest?

Would they consider Amazon Affiliate Program a conflict of interest? Then they won’t consider iHerb a conflict of interest.

For example, if you accept advertising from Nutiva Coconut Oil, and write an article on coconut oil, then link to Nutiva Coconut Oil at iHerb, your readers will wonder if you have a conflict of interest. But if you don’t accept advertising from any brand, and do write an article on coconut oil, then link to 22 brands of coconut oil at iHerb, your readers will thank you for helping them save money.

2. Will my readers be offended if I use a sales pitch style to advertise iHerb?

Warning: Do NOT copy my style because your readers will click their back buttons! My site is a direct response advertising site for a coupon. So my visitors expect a sales pitch. But your site is a health article site. So your visitors don’t expect a sales pitch.

However, there are 4 subtle strategies to respectfully integrate iHerb into your content website without popups, moving ads, red fonts, etc. Two of those strategies you probably already know. But the other 2, you’ve probably never thought about. (I’ll explain all 4 methods and how to optimize your clickthrough rates if you place your first order with my coupon YAG250 . See below…)

3. Can I gradually test iHerb Health Affiliate Program on my website?

Yes, I’ll explain to you how to test iHerb gradually. Then if you (and your readers) like the test results, you can consider testing more iHerb options.

4. Will iHerb compete with the health products I sell?

Your product sales and iHerb’s product sales can complement one another. You can sell your products, and link to iHerb.

Best of all, you should earn more from sales of 35,000 products instead of only a few products. And you should earn more from visitors in 82 countries instead of only one country.

Some of your existing customers may choose to buy similar products from iHerb. But you’ll still earn from those ex-customers even though they no longer buy from you. And a lot of your readers who never bought your products will buy ALL their health products from iHerb.

My job is to teach you how to optimize your profits from iHerb. You can accept or reject my recommendations. It’s your website.

  • Wondering how to earn more from your natural health blog?
  • Tired of ad network checks smaller than your monthly electric bill?
  • Sick of health affiliate program websites that don’t convert to sales?

The 3 most popular website revenue sources are ad networks, ad sales, and affiliate programs. Compare those to the iHerb Affiliate Program (also known as iHerb Rewards)…

Compare Ad Networks, Ad Sales, and
Health Affiliate Programs to iHerb Rewards
& Adsense™
Sell Your Own
Ad Space
Other Health
Affiliate Programs
The iHerb
Affiliate Program
 Tracking Cookie Time?
30-45 days
30 days
 Revenue Amount?
50% of click fees
100% of ad sales
8-12% of sales
12 Brands:
20-36% lifetime;
or $5 1st yr.
& 1-4% lifetime;
or 20-26% 1st yr.
& 1-4% lifetime;

1400 Brands:
4-10% 1st year,
1-4% lifetime

 Reorder Commissions?
 Revenues Grow Monthly?
 Earn From # Countries?
Usually US only
Usually US only
 Intl. Shipping Rates?
Avg. $6 + postage
Only $4 to
82 countries
 # of Brands?
1 or more
 Incentive Coupons?
 Customize/Edit Ads?
 In Business Since?

My name is Greg Gibson. For the past 29 years, I’ve passionately researched natural health, vitamin supplements, and organic foods. And for the last 14 years as a natural health copywriter, I’ve helped some of the largest, natural health marketers sell millions of dollars of products.

Google Adsense™ and Most Affiliate Programs:
Like a Job Salary Without a Raise

Ad networks like Google Adsense™ pay for each clickthrough. And most affiliate programs pay only for new sales. So you receive a check for about the same amount every month, like a job salary without a raise. But if a health affiliate program pays you for both new sales and reorders, then your checks can grow progressively each month. Here’s how…

$ New Customers’ Orders
+ Previous Customers’ Reorders

= Commissions Increase Monthly
Better Than Compound Interest:
What If Adsense™ Checks Multiplied 5%/mo?

Many website owners monetize their site with an ad network like Google Adsense™ since that’s the best revenue source they know. Consider a blogger who receives a $5,000/month check. Now imagine if the commissions increased only 5% (or more) every month…

1st mo.
2nd mo.
3rd mo.
4th mo.
5th mo.
6th mo.
7th mo.
8th mo.
9th mo.
10th mo.
11th mo.
12th mo.

Better than compound interest, isn’t it? With the iHerb Health Affiliate Program, your commissions should increase every month as you refer new customers.

And the good news is that you’re not limited to only 5%/month growth. You can grow your commission checks faster if you have a high-traffic website, email list, Google+ followers, Facebook page, or Twitter followers. Plus you can display both ad network ads and the iHerb Affiliate Program on the same site.

Simply share your $5 coupon code programmed into an affiliate tracking link. When your readers go to iHerb, here is what they’ll find…

Your Readers Can Choose From 1400 Natural Health Brands

What are some of your readers’ favorite natural health brands? Chances are they can find them at iHerb.

Aubrey Jarrow NOW Foods
BSN Muscletech Navitas
Garden of Life Nature’s Way Childlife
Ecover New Chapter + more

Your Readers Can Choose From 35,000 Natural Health Products

What are some of your readers’ favorite natural health products? Chances are they’ll find them fresh, in-stock at iHerb.

Superfoods Cosmetics Multivitamins
Diet-Weight Loss Pills Probiotics Shampoo
Fish Oil Coffee & Tea Whey Protein
Herbs Non-Toxic Cleaners + more

Will your readers be motivated to buy with triple-discounts?

“The iHerb Triple-Discount”

1. Brands Discount: Varies by brand, up to 90% off.
2. Large Order Discount: Save 5% extra on orders $60+
3. Shipping Discount: US FedEx Free, Intl. Airmail $4
*4. New Customer Coupon: $5-$10 off in shopping cart.

How are these for examples of huge discounts?

    • New Chapter 35-70% off, -free shipping, -$10 first order.
    • NOW Foods 20-56% off, -free shipping, -$10 first order.
    • Garden of Life 25-41% off, -free shipping, -$10 first order.

That’s why so many iHerb customers reorder faithfully every month.

That’s what your readers can expect from iHerb. But what can you expect?

Earn Commissions in 82 Countries Where iHerb Ships for $4

Do you have international visitors to your website? Many affiliate programs limit sales to U.S. customers only. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn profits from visitors in 82+ countries?

iHerb is the only health affiliate program that offers $4 international shipping to 82 major countries. This is a HUGE selling advantage for websites with international visitors. And they ship to 188 countries total with the lowest rates.

US: FedEx, UPS, or USPS Free (order $20+).
82 Major Countries: Airmail $4, DHL $8, UPS $24.
106 Other Countries: DHL $8 and UPS $24.

Earn $5 Commissions on 12 Products

• Azelique Age Refining: Cleanser, Day Lotion, Eye Treatment, Night Cream, Skin Polish, Treatment Serum

• Madre Labs Superfoods: Eureka Berries Superfruits, Immune Punch, Madre C, Midori Greens

• Sierra Bees with Manuka Honey: All-Purpose Skin Cream, Calendula Soothing Skin Cream

1st tier:
$10 1st year
1% lifetime
2nd tier:
3% 1st year
1% lifetime
3rd tier:
2% 1st year
1% lifetime
4th tier:
1% 1st year
1% lifetime

Earn 20-36% on 3 Professional Brands

1. Thorne Research
2. Metabolic Maintenance
3. Protocol for Life Balance

1st tier:
20% lifetime
2nd tier:
10% lifetime
3rd tier:
5% lifetime
4th tier:
1% lifetime

Earn 20-26% Commissions on 9 iHerb Brands

1. California Gold Nutrition
2. California Xtracts
3. Fungiology
4. Just a Leaf
5. Madre Labs
6. Madre Magic
7. Mild by Nature for Baby
8. Sierra Bees Skin Cream
9. ZOI Research

1st tier:
20% 1st year
1% lifetime
2nd tier:
3% 1st year
1% lifetime
3rd tier:
2% 1st year
1% lifetime
4th tier:
1% 1st year
1% lifetime

Earn 4-10% Commissions on 1400 Brands

Earn 4-10% on famous brands like Garden of Life, NOW Foods, Life Extension, Avalon Organics, Bob’s Red Mill, Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition, Attitude, Eden Foods, BSN, etc.

1st tier:
4% 1st year,
1% 2nd yr-life
2nd tier:
3% 1st year,
1% 2nd yr-life
3rd tier:
2% 1st year,
1% 2nd yr-life
4th tier:
1% 1st year,
1% 2nd yr-life

Every morning when I get out of bed, I can’t wait to check my iHerb affiliate account stats to see how many new customers bought with my code. Plus every day, my existing customers refer new customers for whom iHerb pays me. And iHerb will pay you for your customers and their referrals on 4 tiers.

Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this one of those get-rich-quick, health MLM pyramid schemes?

iHerb is a multi-tier, health affiliate program. It’s so unique that it’s patent-pending. And it differs from MLM in 7 ways…

    1. NO Startup Fee
    2. NO Training Tapes
    3. NO Motivational Meetings
    4. NO Direct Sales
    5. NO Buying Requirements
    6. NO House Brand Only
    7. NO Padded Prices

99% of MLM programs suffer from 2 defects: Get rich hype, and ripoff prices. But the iHerb Affiliate Program is an anti-hype, multi-tier, discount, health affiliate program.

At the very least, you should earn small commissions to get some or all of your natural health products free every month. (We haven’t had to pay $.01 for our monthly products since 2009.) If you’re dedicated, you might earn medium commissions to help pay some of your bills every month. And if you own a high-traffic, health website, you might earn large commissions to build a retirement “pension” that pays all your living expenses and more every month. (We’ve reached that goal.)

2. Is the iHerb Affiliate Program a Google Adsense™ alternative?

iHerb can complement your Adsense ads. The main difference is that ad networks pay about the same amount every month, but iHerb should pay an increasing amount every month as you continue referring new customers. The more customers you refer, the more they reorder, and the more your commissions grow.

If you’re currently displaying ad network ads, why not add iHerb as a second revenue source for a one-month trial?

3. Do I need a website or blog to be an affiliate?

No, you can refer your family and friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, or handing out physical coupons with your code.

4. When will I get paid?

Thirty days after your customers’ sales, if your commissions exceed $300, iHerb will pay you by check or electronic bank deposit. Or if your commissions are less than $300, you may use them as credits to order your natural health products at no cost. Your unused commissions will rollover to the next month.

If you have any questions, please see…

iHerb Rewards: rewards.iherb.com
Facebook: facebook.com/iHerbRewards
Twitter: twitter.com/iHerbRewards
YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=troKA2X5U6w
Pinterest: pinterest.com/iherbinc/iherb-rewards-tips-and-info/
Contact Me: Contact

Earn a Lifetime Reorder, Residual Income
With My 4-Step “iHerb Affiliate Optimization Plan”

If you are an influential health writer with 100,000+ unique visitors/month, I will coach you how to optimize your iHerb Affiliate Program revenue. You’ll receive my 4-step “iHerb Affiliate Optimization Plan” customized for your content site. And if you request, I’ll write high-clickthrough links for you. (If you have less than 100,000 unique visitors/month, I’ll still help you, but with less time commitment.)

Why would you ask me to consult with you on iHerb? Would you like to know how I achieved these stats in April 2014?

• 20.6% clickthrough rate to iHerb.
• 20.4% conversion rate at iHerb.

I have 14 years experience as a direct response copywriter specializing in natural health products. For the last 5 years, I’ve marketed iHerb Rewards. And I’ve tested hundreds of different words and phrases on Google Adwords and Bing Ads. So I know which words work and which don’t.

And you can easily follow my 4-step “iHerb Affiliate Optimization Plan.” So if you’re ready to start growing your monthly commissions by offering $5 coupons, then…

1. Go to iherb.com

2. Place any size order with my iHerb coupon code: YAG250

IMPORTANT: If you’ve already ordered from iHerb without my coupon, you might still qualify for my free consulting on how to optimize your iHerb clickthroughs and sales. Contact me to see how to qualify. If you haven’t ordered from iHerb, you’ll need to use my coupon code for your first order.

3. Confirm that you ordered with my coupon by forwarding your order receipt to me: help(atdomainname).

4. Ask me any questions you have about how to market iHerb.

Email me your 1st order receipt, and I will reply to you within one business day. I look forward to helping you build a monthly, reorder income with iHerb.


Greg Gibson,
Natural Health Copywriter

P.S. While you’ve read this, visitors may have left your website without giving you a penny. Either you or your competitors can reserve those visitors for a lifetime reorder-passive income. Whoever informs them first about iHerb, gets the first chance to reserve them as lifetime customers. Right now: Go to iHerb, sign-up, and email me your receipt.

*Earnings Disclaimer: We have made every effort to accurately represent this business opportunity. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money. Examples and testimonies are not intended as a guarantee or promise of earnings. Your earning potential depends on your experience, knowledge, effort, and financial investment. Neither iHerb nor ComparingVitamins.com offer a legal pension. Commissions are for the life of the program. iHerb may terminate the program at any time for any cause, cancelling their obligation to pay lifetime commissions. Subject to iHerb Coupon Referral Program Terms and Conditions. Adsense is a trademark of Google.